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Kids University - A Musical Journey

Kids are talented and capable of much more than we can ever comprehend. While in adults, Music is a reflection of one’s personality, with kids, Music actually grooms their personality. Singing encourages children to express themselves; even the youngest children can begin to feel the music by moving to a beat, and dance helps children express emotions gracefully and rhythmically. We realize that the earlier years of learning need to be a more wholesome experience. Sangeet Shaastra defines music as a combination of Gaayan (Singing), Vaadan (playing an instrument), and Nritya (dance). Through exposure to a range of musical experiences, we seek to unveil areas of talent and expertise of your child while he or she is well within the mouldable age. Ajivasan has curated what we believe is a pathway of discovery to a musical future. It is time you undertook a journey to find where your child naturally shines versus where you would unknowingly place them. Be rest assured that the earlier they are initiated into the realm of Music, their fate as far as music is concerned is sealed for a lifetime

Our Course

Highlights Of Our Course

Level I: Wander
  • 4 semesters (3 months each)
  • Vocal music
  • Djembe
  • Keyboard and Harmonium
  • Dance

Level I: Wander

  • Saptak - A rainbow of swar
  • An introduction to the seven notes through simple songs
  • Fun with keys
  • Get to know your notes better with a Casio and Harmonium

  • Alankaar - Designs with Swar
  • Simple exercises with repetition and combination of notes
  • Beat it
  • Playing the Djembe can be so much fun!

  • Hold your note
  • Work on straight notes along with breath focus
  • Baby steps
  • Dance lessons with some lively songs

  • Fun with Taal
  • Know songs better in their rhythmic cycles
  • The VIPs of music
  • Make friends with Pitch, Rhythm, and Tempo - the VIPs of music
Level II: Explore
  • 4 semesters (3 months each)
  • Vocal music
  • Advance lessons in Djembe
  • Keyboard/Harmonium
  • Dance Performance theory

Level II: Explore

  • Creative Swar Designs
  • Advance alankaars
  • Play a Song
  • Learn how to play songs on the Keyboard/Harmonium

  • Get it right
  • Identifying notes correctly through simple notations
  • Rhythm sessions
  • Djembe sessions for Level 2

  • Up and down the ladder
  • Improving low and high pitch singing
  • Dancing is fun
  • More ways of expressing your song through dance

  • Pitch better
  • More flexibility by improving low and high pitch
  • The Performance Theory
  • Act, Dance, Express and bring life to the song
Level III: Focus
  • 2 semesters (6 months each)
  • Introduction to Raag
  • 2 special subjects are chosen

Level III: Focus

By now your child has an idea about what he or she likes and is good at. Therefore, in order to better understand their areas of interest, they get to pick two Special Subjects at the beginning of year 3 (Special Subject could be any of the instruments learnt in the previous years or dance)

  • What is Raag
  • Introduction to raag - bandish and sargams in Raag Bhupali
  • More focus
  • Detailed learning of the 1st Special Subject chosen

  • Journey from 7 to 12 notes
  • Learn Raag Yaman - first step into the world of chromatic notes
  • More focus
  • Detailed learning of the 2nd
  • Special Subject chosen
Level IV: Deep Dive
  • 4 semesters (3 months each)
  • Advance learning of Raag and Taal
  • 2 Workshops (1 per semester )

Level IV: Deep Dive

  • Sargam to Taan
  • Extended version of Raag Bhupali
  • Workshop 1

  • More about Raag
  • Introduction to Raag Alhaiya Bilawal and Taal Dadra
  • Workshop 2

  • The longer version
  • Raag Yaman at length
  • Taal and Laykaari
  • Workshop 3

  • Permutation and combination
  • Learn Raag Bihaag and Taal Keherwa
  • Workshop 4

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Towards, a bright musical future

We respect the trust & faith that you, as parents of young children, put in us. We believe that Ajivasan's Kids University is a pathway to the discovery of a bright musical future. Our very well trained faculty will help you and your children discover their natural skill / talent and shine in it!

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